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Savings Deposit Program for Deployed Troops

Deployment Savings Deposit Program Deployment Savings Deployment Finances
Written by Guest Blogger · 22 April 2015

By Meghan Northcutt, AFC® Candidate

Although the US military is in a drawdown after engaging in nearly 14 years of war, troops remain very active in deployments. Military Times reports that 49 percent of the surveyed active duty servicemembers describe their operations (ops) tempo as increased when compared to the last five years, while 38 percent describe their ops tempo as unchanged. With a large reduction in force size, it is the Pentagon’s intent that troops will maintain a presence in certain regions.


How $100 Can Become $100,000

TSP Retirement Savings Deployment Savings
Written by Guest Blogger · 20 April 2015

By Beth Perry, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

April is Financial Literacy Month, the perfect time to reevaluate your spending habits. Can saving $100 today mean having $100,000 in the future? It can if you use time to your advantage. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), a low-cost retirement plan for military and Federal civilian employees, helps you do that.


Getting Financially and Legally Prepared for Deployment

Financial Planning Deployment Legal
Written by Guest Blogger · 14 April 2015

The USAA Educational Foundation

If deployment is on the horizon, you need to prepare for any possible life scenario. Part of this preparation is making sure your financial and legal matters are in order.


Setting Savings Goals During Deployment

Deployment Savings Military Saves Pledge Money Management
Written by Guest Blogger · 09 April 2015

By Military OneSource
There may never be a bad time to organize your budget and build your savings. Deployment, though, is one of the best opportunities to add to your savings, maybe at a rate that you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.


Six Financial Decisions that Deserve Your Attention Before and After Deployment

Tax Time Saving Retirement Deployment Insurance Savings Investment
Written by Guest Blogger · 06 April 2015

By Martin A. Smith, CRPC®, AIFA®, President, Retirement Planning Financial Advisor™, Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.™

Preparing for or returning from a deployment might cause you to think about critical, last-minute financial decisions that need to be addressed.


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Savers Pledge Leads to Savings Success

Written by Super User | October 13, 2011

My name is Rob and I am a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve. My financial success is a huge result of the Military Saves Campaign.

My journey began five years ago after marrying my wife, Lisa. We entered our marriage with no savings plan in sight, carrying debt and living in a tiny apartment. After seeing an advertisement for Military Saves, we decided to grab the reigns of our finances and implement a positive financial plan.


One Sailor's Course to Financial Freedom

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

We all know its not easy to get out of debt once you in over your head. But it can be done with the sound advice and support that the Military Saves program offers. I am a testament to that. I was a recently divorced, single mother. Like many people I had credit card debt, a car loan, bad credit, and a low income job that never seemed to be enough to put food on the table.


60 Teens participate in Massachusetts Youth Saves Program

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

During the months of June & July, 60 teenagers aged 13-19 from Marine, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force families attended Youth Saves programs across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help increase their knowledge of financial literacy. Jonathan Harrington, Personal Financial Counselor for the MA Guard & Reserve, created the Youth Saves program to fit into the Military Youth Saves ( theme which encourages kids and teens to develop good savings habits at a young age.