Military Saves Quarterly Meeting

DATE: Wednesday, 23 July 2014 from 1000-1300

LOCATION: FINRA Investor Education Foundation, 1735 K Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 2006

DIRECTIONS: FINRA is located off of Farragut North (Red Line) or Farragut West (Blue/Orange lines) metro stations

CALL IN NUMBER: (888) 346-3659 Pass code: 776843

Many thanks to Bud Schneeweis and FINRA for hosting this meeting.

July 23 Quarterly Meeting Presentation 

Military Saves Quarterly Meeting Minutes, Washington DC

16 April 2014

15 January 2014


Tip of the Day

  • Summer is a great time to teach your child about finance. Start with the Money as you Grow program 

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60 Teens participate in Massachusetts Youth Saves Program

During the months of June & July, 60 teenagers aged 13-19 from Marine, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force families attended Youth Saves programs across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help increase their knowledge of financial literacy. Jonathan Harrington, Personal Financial Counselor for the MA Guard & Reserve, created the Youth Saves program to fit into the Military Youth Saves ( theme which encourages kids and teens to develop good savings habits at a young age.


One Sailor's Course to Financial Freedom

We all know its not easy to get out of debt once you in over your head. But it can be done with the sound advice and support that the Military Saves program offers. I am a testament to that. I was a recently divorced, single mother. Like many people I had credit card debt, a car loan, bad credit, and a low income job that never seemed to be enough to put food on the table.


Meet Wacinque BeMende

Meet Wacinque BeMende. He’s so passionate about encouraging savings and promoting financial literacy, he’s established his own Kid’s Savings Program. Wacinque donated $15,000 to the Community Action of Laramie County in Cheyenne Wyoming to begin the Wacinque “ Rhino” Fund Endowment to help kids open savings accounts.